Quito Experiment, Days 5 & 6

15 07 2017

I know I haven’t updated in a couple days but they’ve seen long days. Fruitful days but long days. Also, I wasn’t sure how to put into words all that I’ve witnessed the last couple days…but I’ll try. (Warning, long post)

Thursday and Friday, we spent all afternoon in a local park. The guys played basketball for the most part and the girls used henna to make temporary tattoos for anyone who ventured up. (More on henna in a moment)

Sam, Connor, and Nathan took a couple basketballs to the park and hopped it up a bit with some of the locals. After about 30 minutes, we called time so everyone could catch a breather and grab some water. Then, with help from a translator, I talked about what it meant to be on a team and that in the Bible, there’s a team called the church. I told the group that there was only one way to make that team – I then presented the gospel. One guy, Roberto, had lots of questions. Please pray for him. He says that he follows Jesus but doesn’t like the label “Christian.” I’m sure he’s not a believer but he’s close. I will be emailing him over the next few weeks. Connor sat and talked with Roberto for maybe an hour about his faith. It was awesome to see.

Then we played some more ball. After about another 30 minutes, we stopped, and Nathan shared the gospel with 5 guys. 3 of them left shortly into our conversation but…2 of them didn’t! Ricardo and Vladimir, both from Venezuela, heard what Nathan had to say, prayed, repented, and trusted Jesus with their life! How awesome is that?

This kind of thing was happening for almost 5 hours each afternoon. It was awesome! We didn’t always play ball. Sometimes we just walked the park and struck up conversations with people. In all, us 5 guys, Mark, Sam, Connor, Nathan, and I, shared the gospel with over 40 people and saw 3 people give their life to Jesus!

The girls set up blankets in the park beneath a tree and drew temporary tattoos on the hands of anyone who would come. You really have to see it to understand, but the artwork walks through the story of scripture. As the tattoo is applied, the recipient hears the story of the Bible from Creation to Christ. Then, they leave with a semi-permanent reminder of the gospel. It’s pretty cool. Through this “henna station” more than 50 people heard the gospel. The girls can tell you more about numbers and special stories from their experience. I know of at least 2 people who trusted Jesus as their Lord and Savior because of the work, Heather, Eden, and Sara did with henna. Many more left encouraged and prayed for.

There is one more interesting conversation that took place on Thursday. They were literally running through the park distributing flyers. When I saw that it said something of Islam, I immediately chased them down to ask them some questions. We talked for maybe 45-60 minutes. I had a great time telling the the truth of Jesus Christ but in the end, they simply could not comprehend the love of God…A love that would send His own Son to die a cursed death on a cross. Love so amazing so divine demands my life, my soul, my all.

It’s been a great, awe-inspiring couple of days. God is good. He is faithful. Never, never underestimate what young men and women can do to advance the kingdom of God. I am truly blessed to be called their youth pastor. It is times like this that make everything else so worth it. I am already pumped about our next trip, but cannot wait to get home and see where these student go from here.

Tomorrow, we get to enjoy being tourists for a day. We’ll visit the equator and a couple other places. We’ll eat some guinea pig then we’ll fly back on the red eye to Atlanta. Please pray that all the people who heard the gospel will have fruitful follow-up from the local pastors. We gathered information on almost every person we with whom we spoke.

This is my last update of the Quito Experiment. So long and until next time, seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.




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