Quito Experiment, Day 4

13 07 2017

Wednesday was a long day. Personally, it didn’t help that I had to break open the Imodium first thing yesterday morning. I started feeling a little better, but then…the bus ride. Anyway, VBS started at 2:00, and miraculously, right at 2:00, I felt much better. That lasted all the way to 4:00, when VBS was over. It was as if the Lord gave me strength just for those two hours. I spent the next hour and half curled up on the altar at the church while my team went out visiting families with the pastor.

I am grateful for the team I have. I already knew that Mark and Heather had extensive experience on the mission field, but I am made more aware of that and appreciate all they have done this week. The students have done a fantastic job as well. They have shared the gospel and loved on the children during VBS. Today, we head to a local park all afternoon to share the gospel through sports ministry, creative ministries, and henna tattoos. I’m excited about today. My prayer is that all five of our students take the opportunity to have gospel conversations with the people they meet.

Back to last night…Nathan and I were both feeling puny, so we got a taxi ride back to the dorm. After a night’s rest and some water, Gatorade, and breakfast, we’re both feeling much better. We missed the worship service at church, but I can give you a few details.

Mark shared a sermon from Daniel 3. Nebuchadnezzar tried to steal the identity of the three young Hebrew men. (In fact, can you name them by their Hebrew names or do you only know them as Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego?) The church was packed…standing room only. After the message, the team got to enjoy an Ecuadorian delicacy, cuy, or guinea pig.

Please continue to pray today as we go to the park. Pray that our conversations will be fruitful and that God will be glorified.

Quito Experiment, Day 4 = God is faithful, may we be as well




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