Quito Experiment, Day 3

12 07 2017

Today we saw almost a 100% increase in the number of children at VBS. We went from 41 on Monday to 78 on Tuesday! Who knows what Wednesday will bring? The team did another great job today. The youth are really starting to make connections with the children from Quito.

Sara did a great job with a tough lesson: sin, commandments, and sacrifices. The older children must have been paying attention well because they not only answered the questions but asked great questions as well.

Eden reinforced the lesson by teaching the children how to do a craft that displays the Ten Commandments. The older children made “tablets” out of construction paper. The youngest children (ages 2-4), traced their hands and counted to ten.

Nathan and Connor played some games with the children and got to know some of them much better. Sam was the group leader for the 2-4 year olds today. They have all done a great job again at leading ministry. I think they are seeing that it’s not always so easy to be the leader or teacher but they seemed really excited to show the love of Jesus to these children.

After VBS we visited another home with an ill child. Karen, 20 years old, suffers from a disease that attacks her organs. She is now in bed because the arthritis in her legs make it too painful to walk. It was quite an adventure to get to her home.  We climbed down the face of a mountain. It was very steep and the terrain made it tricky to navigate. However, our guys were very helpful with assisting some of the others in our group make it down to the home.

It took so long to reach this home that we did not make it to our second visit. Again, the students did an amazing job of ministry today. I am proud of how they are taking this opportunity to serve others and serve Jesus.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) is a big day as we cover the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. Please pray as we seek to share explicit gospel conversations.

Tonight, we enjoyed some ice cream, the students and I went to Tropi Burger, and I came from behind to win Phase 10. (I’m sorry, was that out loud?)

Quito Experiment, Day 3: a tough, exhausting day, but worth every ounce of energy




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