Divided love…What’s that?

21 06 2011

The “official” dedication of our daughter was this past Sunday morning, Father’s Day 2011. I say “official” because as soon as I knew we were expecting, I thanked God for blessing this child. I know that children are a gift from God. God has given me and Lindsey 3 wonderful children. They do not belong to us, but they are our responsibility. We made a public proclamation on Sunday, in front of our parents and friends, that we would do our best to teach and model the Christian life to Hannah Grace. We’d done the same for Micah and for Joshua.

I remember when Lindsey told me that we were expecting for the second time. obviously, I had no idea if I would have a daughter or another son, and either would have been wonderful, but I had already enjoyed a son and so I knew what to expect. (ASIDE: No two children are the same. So, I really did NOT know what to expect.) Soon enough, Joshua Jackson was named and a few months later he appeared. But during this second pregnancy, I kept having a terrifying thought. Can I love Joshua as much as I love Micah? How will I divide my love? I don’t want to love any child more or less than the other.

Becoming a father has been an eye-opening and learning experience. It has helped me understand my earthly parents and my God, my Father, a little bit better. Through this process, I’ve learned that I don’t have to divide my love. Somehow, in God’s greatness, He has given me the ability to love more than I thought I could. With each child, I find that love comes up from somewhere inside me that I knew nothing about. I can only attribute this to the Spirit of God living in me.

Though personalities are already beginning to show…Micah has to be so precise and is cautious about everything. With Joshua it’s a party all the time…I know that they are in God’s hands. And it’s my prayer that all three will “taste and see that the Lord is good.” God loves each of them completely, unconditionally, and eternally. To the degree that I am able, I want them to know this kind of love from their daddy as well.




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